A Place for Cambridge Platonist Research

“Cambridge Platonism” is a new site dedicated to providing resources for the study of the philosophical and theological movement known as Cambridge Platonism.

2 thoughts on “A Place for Cambridge Platonist Research”

  1. I have written a book manuscript that highlights Dr. Ralph Cudworth’s description of the “plastic nature.” His description is a Biblically accurate description of subtle energy, and I use his writings as historical foundation in my manuscript entitled The Corridors of the Temple: The Bible’s Description of the Human Energetic Dimension. I want to affiliate with others who appreciate the work of Dr. Cudworth and his Cambridge colleagues. And I would like to find someone affiliated with Cambridge who would be willing to look at my manuscript and perhaps write an endorsement.

    The Corridors of the Temple is the first book to present the Bible’s detailed description of the human energy field and the subtle energy that flows through all of nature. I use Renaissance-era King James Version Bible passages, and I maintain a Creator-creation distinction regarding subtle energy, as did Dr. Cudworth. The human spirit described in the Bible is the human energy field (the “chakra system”) described in secular and Eastern literature. The King James Bible describes the human spirit more clearly than any of the more modern English translations.

    Could you recommend someone who might be willing to review and perhaps endorse the manuscript?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Cindy K. Lail, J.D., LL.M.

    1. Thank you for sharing your work here. Unfortunately, I am not formally affiliated with Cambridge University or any academic press. I would suggest being in touch with those scholars whose work seems most relevant to you directly.


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